Annette Lenease Pitts
June 30, 1964 - November 25, 2020
ANNETTE LENEASE PITTS NEWVILLE.…Annette Lenease Pitts, a resident of Newville, Alabama passed away Wednesday, Novembe...
Rosalee Henderson Burke
December 30, 1933 - November 24, 2020
ROSALEE HENDERSON BURKE ABBEVILLE.…Rosalee Henderson Burke, a resident of the Henry County Health & Rehabilitation, f...
Richard Thomas  Pride
September 17, 1949 - November 24, 2020
RICHARD THOMAS PRIDE HEADLAND.…Richard Thomas Pride, a resident of Headland, Alabama passed away Tuesday afternoon, N...
Mary Helen Powell Whitehead Baker
April 4, 1929 - November 24, 2020
MARY HELEN POWELL WHITEHEAD BAKER ABBEVILLE.…Mary Helen Powell Whitehead Baker, a resident of Abbeville, Alabama pass...
Alice Gayle McEachern Woodcox
February 15, 1941 - November 23, 2020
ALICE GAYLE McEACHERN WOODCOX HEADLAND.…Alice Gayle McEarchern Woodcox, a resident of Headland, AL passed away Monday...
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